Competition Film: Students collaborate on large-scale short films that will be submitted to international film festivals.

Film Name: Portraits


Competition Film: Students competed in the All-American High School Film Festival3-Day Challenge and took home the award for Best Picture.

Film Name: Fishy State of Mind


IASAS Film: Each year, all of the IASAS schools gather to celebrate film by participating in workshops and produce short films.

 Film Name: Whispers


Visual Storytelling: Without using dialogue, show a character being pulled in two different directions at an emotional level, visualize their process of consideration and show that they make a decision.

Film Name: Stuck





Self-Portrait: Students create a short video self-portrait that communicates the personal significance of a place, relationship, hobby, or experience.

Film Name: Alex


Public Service Announcement: Students aim to raise awareness for a variety of social, environmental, or school-related issues.

Film Name: Elevator


Director Style Project: Students research and identify the stylistic conventions used by a famous director, and create a short film that incorporates at least three of those techniques.

Film Name: Stanley Kubrick

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